Do you ever wish you could fling yourself across the whole map as a fish who's missing the sea a little too much? Well, it's your lucky day.

In Press Flail to Fail, the First Ever (I mean, probably, we actually didn't check) game to dedicate a whole button to flailing your fish hopelessly on direction to the next puddle of water, explore three maps on this jazzy enviroments, with plenty of room for speed improvements.

Made by Pinauna Studios!

HOW TO PLAY: Mouse drag - Fling the fish Space bar - Flail hopelessly (while on land)

You have no limited amount of flings as long as you stay underwater, and when you get out, you get one "boost", represented by shell icons. It is possible to accumulate multiple shells. And keep in mind! Little Galileu's (our fish) breath runs out if he stays out of water! So help us and keep him alive, will ya?


Dev Team:



  • Kenney (


  •  Jazzy Sax, Guitar, and Organ at the club by Admiral Bob (
  • Sax Planet by DreamSynth (
  •  Sax on the Beach by John Dope (
  • The Vendetta by Stefan Kartenberg (

Sound effects:

  • cdonahueucsd (
  • Julien Nicolas (
  • kyles (
  • our mouth


Press Flail to Fail (v2.2)(windows-64).zip 40 MB
Press Flail to Fail (v2.2)(windows-32).zip 37 MB
Press Flail to Fail (v2.2) (macos).zip 41 MB
Press Flail To Fail (v2.2)(linux).zip 43 MB

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